2022 Letter From The CEO
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Letter From The CEO

2022 Letter From The CEO

Written-by: Sumeet Singh, Chief Executive Officer

As we near 2023, I want to reflect on this past year and the massive changes we have seen across the industry and for Pharma Solutions ourselves.

We have seen massive catalysts for change with the introduction of the FDA Proposed Rule, a new licensing program introduced in Puerto Rico, changes in industry accreditations like Drug Distributor Accreditations, and more. Pharma Solutions has covered these topics extensively and this information is made available through our webinars, whitepapers, and blog posts, and we look forward to providing additional educational and collaborative content to everyone in 2023!

Regarding Pharma Solutions’ own changes and growth, 2022 was an incredibly transformative year. The most noteworthy is our expansion of innovative SaaS technology solutions including ATLAS Management and NavigateSOM. ATLAS Management is a powerful software solution developed to manage and track the compliance requirements set by state and federal agencies such as licenses, reporting, change applications, and more. NavigateSOM is an algorithmic based suspicious order monitoring solution that adds automated risk reduction for companies working with controlled substances to meet DEA compliance requirements.

These innovations have come to market with a great deal of help with new talent added to our team in Chief Technology Officer, Rick Braddy, and VP, Product Management, Adam Marano. Additional additions to our team like Deneen Fumich, Director of Strategic Affairs, brought her previous experience at a Fortune 500 company to lead initiatives with our clients on navigating the latest changes that developed from the introduction of the FDA Proposed Rule and Puerto Rico licensing changes.

2022 was an excellent opportunity to also strengthen our key client-facing positions including sales and client success. Jessica Dunkin was promoted from Sales Manager to Vice President of Sales and has overseen the growth of our sales initiatives and approach to solving our clients’ objectives. Pharma Solutions has also developed a client success-focused initiative led by Laura Riolo to facilitate a seamless client experience.

I want to thank the entirety of our clients, partners, subscribers, and all those that Pharma Solutions engaged with in 2022. We have seen many changes and areas of growth and we are extremely excited to further expand our impact helping industry players navigate the patchwork that is the compliance and regulatory landscape. Please stay tuned in 2023 for exciting new software solutions, services, newsletter content, and webinars.

Happy holidays and happy new year!

Sumeet Singh

Chief Executive Officer

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