Nevada to Require Nonresident Pharmacists To Obtain Licensure
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Nevada Pharmacists Licensure

Nevada to Require Nonresident Pharmacists To Obtain Licensure

Written-by: Deneen Fumich, RPh

Nevada Reinterpreted NRS 639.100(1)(a) to Require Nonresident Pharmacist Licensure

Late last year, Nevada reinterpreted its enforcement of NRS 639.100(1)(a) to require nonresident pharmacists that are engaged in compounding or dispensing activities into the state to obtain a Nevada Pharmacist license. This is above and beyond the requirement that a nonresident PIC obtain licensure but rather this applies to all pharmacists engaged in activities within the state.

What This Law Means

NRS 639.100(1)(a) states that it is not lawful for any individual to compound or dispense, or permit to be compounded or dispensed, any drug into the state unless the individual “holds the appropriate certificate, license, or permit” required by applicable Nevada law.

How Is It Different?

This interpretation is drastically different from the Board’s previous interpretation which required only the nonresident pharmacy to hold a license. The Board did create a temporary registration for nonresident pharmacists, which is valid for six months from issuance, in order to alleviate any burden the new interpretation may cause.

The Board had requested the State of Nevada Attorney General review whether its interpretation of the statute was correct. No opinion letter has been issued as of yet from the state’s Attorney General’s office.

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