NavigateSOM Releases User Manual
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NavigateSOM Releases User Manual

NavigateSOM is excited to announce the release of our User Manual. Our goal is to walk clients through step by step how to most effectively utilize every feature in their portal, giving them the most value. It begins with gaining access to your portal and some helpful tips for your dashboard to better organize your information. As you move to the Orders tab, our manual offers guidance on the best filters, and flags to efficiently sort through your data without missing any important information. After taking a deep dive into each order, shift to the Customers tab to search holistically by each client. Finally, take advantage of the advanced reporting option to pull data into an organized and easy to distribute format. Have any questions on settings or user access? Check out the bottom of the manual to answer your configuration questions.

Our goal at NavigateSOM is to create the most benefit for our clients in a user-friendly platform. We strive to make advancements in suspicious order monitoring technology all while keeping our clients top of mind. We know this will create a smooth transition from implementation to client use, so you get the most from our software faster.


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