Pharma Solutions Celebrates 5 Years!
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Pharma Solutions Celebrates 5 Years!

Penn Valley, PA Release: October 7, 2020.

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Pharma Solutions announced its 5th anniversary as a pharmaceutical supply chain consulting and administrative company.

Pharma Solutions was founded by Sumeet Singh with a vision to promote the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Since its founding in 2015, Sumeet has turned that vision into a reality. Pharma Solutions has been emerged as an authority on pharmaceutical supply chain compliance, having already been engaged by over 350 companies spanning 16 different business models.

“It’s an honor to be trusted by such a wide variety of clients, and we don’t take their confidence in our company lightly. We are striving to be the go-to resource for the industry, and we are excited about continuing to leverage our knowledge base and extensive experience to create winning solutions for our clients,” says Sumeet Singh, President.

Over the past 5 years, Pharma Solutions has been successful at evolving to stay ahead of industry trends while assessing and preparing for future client needs. The company continues to leverage technology and in-depth industry knowledge to create the most efficient, accurate, and cost-effective solutions for their clients without sacrificing quality.  Pharma Solutions expanded its service offering from NABP DDA (fka VAWD) Accreditation and state compliance services to fit the needs of its rapidly growing client base. The company now offers technology-enabled compliance solutions for requirements spanning state compliance, DEA, FDA, NABP, and Puerto Rico.

Nathan Fox, State Compliance Manager, reflects on his time working at Pharma Solutions and the revolutionary growth he has seen. “Pharma Solutions is committed to utilizing cutting edge technology to provide our clients efficiently and effectively with a variety of compliance services. Technological implementation has allowed Pharma Solutions to accelerate regulatory license processing for our clients and ensure consistent compliance with the constantly amended laws and regulations that govern pharmaceutical distribution in the United States,” says Nathan.

The Pharma Solutions team consists of experienced pharmaceutical consultants and compliance specialists who deliver full coverage, versatile guidance for any size and type of organization. For more information on Pharma Solutions and their compliance solutions, please visit

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Alexa Perry
Pharma Solutions
705 Montgomery Ave, Suite 200, Penn Valley, Pa 19702



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