Important Updates from the Alabama Board of Pharmacy on Facility Applications and Renewals
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FDA Important Updates from the Alabama Board of Pharmacy on Facility Applications and Renewals

 | by: Sumeet Singh, Founder & Chairman | Article Posted: October 26, 2023 |

The Alabama Board of Pharmacy has recently made an announcement that affects companies looking to apply for new Alabama licenses as well as announced details about the opening of their licensing renewal period. Here are the most important details:

1. Suspension of New Applications: The board will temporarily halt the acceptance of new applications for any facility. This is effective immediately and will remain in place until January 2, 2024. The key rationale behind this decision is to prioritize the processing of current facility license renewals.

If you’re submitting a new license application, there are two primary options available:

    • Option A: If you’d like to place your new application in line for review once the board resumes reviewing new applications in 2024, please notify the board. Given the time-lapse, be prepared to potentially update your application with refreshed signatures, copies, and other pertinent documents when prompted.
    • Option B: If you’re thinking of withdrawing your current application, the board will arrange for the return of your check. Subsequently, you can opt to reapply after January 2024.

2. Renewal Period for Active Facility Permits: For those facilities with active licenses, the annual renewal period is currently ongoing and the board is actively reviewing renewal applications. By putting new license applications on hold, the Alabama Board of Pharmacy hopes to avoid a backlog and process all incoming renewals before the December 31st deadline expiration.

3. Forthcoming Rule Changes: The board is actively deliberating on introducing new rules and alterations regarding facilities. Due to these impending changes, new applications will be needed and released with updates by January 2nd, 2024. There is no information regarding the changes mentioned at this time, all information will be available on the board website as changes/updates occur. It’s pivotal to note that any new applications sent between the present moment and January 2024 will not undergo processing; they will be directly returned to the sender.

4. Board’s Disciplinary Rights: Even during this permit approval phase, the Board retains the right to initiate relevant disciplinary proceedings if deemed necessary.

If you’re engaged with the Alabama Board of Pharmacy in any capacity, it’s vital to stay updated with these changes, adjust your plans accordingly, and ensure you and your partners are compliant with the latest guidelines. If you have additional questions or need licensing assistance, please contact Pharma Solutions here:

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