Oklahoma Pharmacy Board Unanimously Approves New Rules for Shipping Mail-Order Medications
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 |Oklahoma Pharmacy Board Unanimously Approves New Rules for Shipping Mail-Order Medications

New Oklahoma Rules for Shipping Mail-Order Medications

| by: Deneen Fumich, RPh | Article Posted: April 5, 2023 |

Pharma Solutions reported on January 4, 2023, Oklahoma was requesting comments from business entities affected by the proposed rule change focusing on prescription shipping requirements for products shipped to residents of Oklahoma.

A LANDMARK DECISION  by the Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy with a unanimous vote of 4-0 approved the new rules at the February 1, 2023 meeting that would regulate how Oklahomans receive mail-order medications, as reported by Oklahoma Channel 4 News and NBC News. The new rules will now go before the Oklahoma legislature. If they approve the rules, then it will go before Governor Kevin Stitt for final approval.

Oklahoma became the FIRST STATE  to issue rules which would safeguard patients making sure those prescriptions arrived safe, and effectively, by requiring temperature-controlled packages. However, other states, such as Texas, have been closely watching and Arkansas updated prescription delivery standards in May 2022. Texas has been closely watching with discussions being held at their February 2023 meeting.

Arkansas Board of Pharmacy adopted on May 5, 2022, Rule 07-05: Prescription Deliver Standards for pharmacies providing “home delivery services” in Arkansas with 2 specific requirements:

(2) Notify the patient of the delivery plan and expected arrival

(3) Ensure that the medications will be maintained within appropriate temperature guidelines

Texas Board of Pharmacy’s February 7, 2023 meeting listed on the agenda for Discussion and Possible Action concerning prescription Delivery and Shipping Conditions. The discussion can be found on Texas Board Meeting, as E.6 at the following time stamp of 1:25:29, which is an initial discussion of the concerns, Arkansas changes and information gathering. The topic and how Texas proposes to address will be continuing over several board meetings.

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