LighthouseAI: Compliance Automation Reduces Risk and Time
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New: Compliance Automation Reduces Risk and Time

 | by: Sumeet Singh, Founder & Chairman | Article Posted: March 2, 2023 |

Pharma Solutions is the exclusive partner and distributor of LighthouseAI™, a comprehensive AI-based compliance solution to mitigate risk and manage the rapid pace of regulatory change while reducing the time and cost needed to do so.

Watch our teaser video to discover how LighthouseAI utilizes AI to efficiently ensure regulatory compliance within the life sciences supply chain, while providing complete transparency across your organization and facilities. Request a demo here

With LighthouseAI automation, clients can:

  • Swiftly adhere to new and changing compliance requirements
  • Mitigate risk from non-compliance and related revenue loss
  • Reduce human error related to compliance adherence
  • Reduce legal and operational costs of maintaining compliance

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