NABP Verify
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NABP Verify

Written-by: Jennifer Falkenrath, Sr. Research Associate


NABP Verify is a license monitoring credential service that provides a quick visual reference via a digital badge to regulators and employers that a pharmacist is licensed and in good standing. The NABP Verify digital badge is a visual way of confirming state license compliance and allows others to verify a pharmacist’s state-specific credentials on social media platforms.

For those that have more than one pharmacist license, NABP Verify proposes to be a license verification solution. The NABP Verify digital badge is offered to users for a yearly subscription fee of $50.00. To qualify for the NABP Verify digital badge, a person must have passed the NAPLEX, and hold at least one United States active unencumbered pharmacist license and one or more additional licenses where the status is active, unconditional, expired, or inactive with no unresolved disciplinary sanction. Currently, the NABP website indicates that North Carolina is the only state participating in the program.

State Boards of Pharmacy have traditionally been the only source for a professional license verification. NABP Verify essentially is a replacement for a State Board of Pharmacy license verification.

Operational & Disciplinary Actions

For NABP Verify to effectively provide verifications, they rely on State Boards of Pharmacy to report disciplinary information. The State Boards of Pharmacy would need to actively provide NABP with all disciplinary action through NABP’s online portal. Not all states currently report discipline through the portal due to staffing shortages, contract issues, and other reasons.

The NABP Verification does not authorize a pharmacist to practice; it solely verifies. A pharmacist must meet current state requirements in the state they wish to practice in.

When the “NABP Emergency Passport” came out during COVID-19, many pharmacists and pharmacy technicians applied for it and assumed nothing more was required to practice in the participating states. At least one “Emergency Passport” state required pharmacists and technicians to apply for a Temporary COVID-19 license (at no charge) prior to engaging in the practice of pharmacy. Many professionals did not check with the state board or apply and were found to be practicing unlicensed. It’s essential to check with the state board to ensure all the requirements are met to practice lawfully.

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