BREAKING: Members of AIPW Attempt to Reopen Case for Preliminary Injunction Against Optum Rx
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BREAKING: Members of AIPW Attempt to Reopen Case for Preliminary Injunction Against Optum Rx

Three members of AIPW (“Movants”) have filed to reopen the case against OptumRx which challenges the validity and legality of OptumRx’s VAWD Accreditation requirement for the suppliers of their network pharmacies.

Original Filing, November 2016

The Association of Independent Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Inc. (AIPW), based in Pine Brook, N.J., filed its original complaint in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on November 4, 2016. AIPW brought six counts against the defendant, the first three primarily centering around that by implementing the requirement, OptumRx was “rule-making” as an agent of the government, and the latter three centered around the idea that the policy was in violation of the California Unfair Practices Act.

The Plot, November 2016 through August 2018

Covered extensively in our article (read here), the judge was not overly convinced by AIPW claims. In regards to the “rulemaking” as an agent of the government, she noted the massive ripple effect that qualifying OptumRx as an agent of the government would have. Against the latter three, she questioned whether the jurisdiction was appropriate, as they focused on California law.


The Settlement, August 2018

The AIPW v. OptumRx was settled in August 2018 – in consideration for agreeing to discontinue the Action and covenanting not to sue OptumRx et. al, AIPW members would receive an additional extension from the VAWD requirement, through December 31, 2018.


Reopening the Case, November 2018

The legal strategy being pursued to have the United States District Court, District of Columbia allow the Movants to reopen the case FRCP 60(b): the Movants claim that the previous law firm did not fully/properly represent their interests through “excusable neglect” and also because they were not involved in the final settlement discussions/voting.


Next Steps, November 2018

If companies are interested in strategies to pursue with the current outlook or more information on the revived lawsuit against OptumRx, please reach out to More information as it breaks!


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