Two Years In: a Look Back (and Forward!)
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Two Years In: a Look Back (and Forward!)

The Beginnings

Two years ago, Pharma Solutions was born as a value-add for OpenRX, a self-proclaimed “Amazon of Pharmaceuticals” that would be a web-based platform for pharmacy buyers. An important aspect of OpenRX was that compliance was guaranteed for Buyers; and, as a courtesy to distributors selling on my platform, we would verify state licensure on a regular basis. We found two missed renewals and, in doing so, discovered the value of outsourcing state-license maintenance. As my OpenRX  activities slowed (eventually sold to an operating private equity company), I simply spun off Pharma Solutions compliance solutions.

After 9 months of cold-calls and bootstrapping, it was with OptumRX’s VAWD requirement that we received considerable (overnight!) success. Having been engaged for six (6) VAWD Accreditation projects, we were uniquely positioned in relationships, knowledge, experience, and success to become the de facto authority on the subject.  Our Press Release on the matter was viewed over 2000 times; the company was contacted by law firms, industry trade organizations, manufacturers, pharmacies, and, of course, many, many distribution companies.

Down to the Numbers

Clients Served: 150+
Business Models Served: 15
  • Brand Manufacturers
  • Generic Manufacturers (International & Domestic)
  • Contract Manufacturer Organizations
  • Private-Label Distributors
  • Primary (Full-Line) Wholesale Distributors
  • Secondary Wholesale Distributors
  • Specialty Distributors
  • Export Wholesale Distributors
  • Medical Supply Distributors
  • Diabetic Testing Supply Distributors
  • API Distributors
  • Reverse Distributors
  • Third-Party Logistic Providers
  • Pharmacies
  • Government Agencies
Projects completed: 250+
  • VAWD & VDIP Accreditation Consulting (100+ Projects!)
  • State Boards of Pharmacy Licensing (50+ Projects!)
  • DEA Compliance
  • FDA Reporting
  • DQSA & DSCSA Consulting
  • dotPharmacy
  • RAMS Commercialization Solutions
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Merger & Acquisition Strategy Consulting
  • Operational Audits, One-Time & On-Going

Looking Forward

Our expanding team continues to innovate! We are thrilled about launching our cloud-based NavigateSOM software. The software will be available on December 1st. Incorporating machine learning, DEA Defensibility (notes + document upload), advanced algorithms, and rapid updates (cloud dissemination), we believe it will be the most effective and efficient solution available.
Most importantly, the software will be one aspect of an entire suite of solutions:
1. DEA Audits on Security, Recordkeeping 
2. SOP Revision and Supplementation
3. GAP Analysis with Action-Item Planning
4. Operational Consulting
We look are looking forward to what will be coming up next!
Thank you,
Sumeet Singh


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