The NABP Sheds Light on “Cancelled” VAWD Applications
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The NABP Sheds Light on “Cancelled” VAWD Applications

The NABP has clarified that a “Cancelled” application does not equate to a “Denied” application.

With the clarification, OptumRX should not have any basis to deny extensions under their VAWD requirement. Because there is no “change in…status that would indicate…(an) organization will not achieve VAWD Accreditation,” it could just be up to applicants if they want to report their Cancellation or not.

Per OptumRX’s most recent Extension letter: “With the granting of this extension, the wholesaler agrees that OptumRX may inquire to the status of the VAWD accreditation with NABP for the sole purpose of gauging the status of completion for the VAWD accreditation. Any change in that status that would indicate your organization will not achieve VAWD accreditation should be immediately communicated to OptumRX.”

Importantly, applicants that have had their applications cancelled for VAWD Accreditation can reapply immediately; the cancellation should not affect an applicant’s ability to obtain VAWD, given there be a revision to operational practices. With this development, it seems that the reason for the cancellations might have been simply to push all applicants to immediately and fully revise their sourcing practices to comply with VAWD Standards, as described in our article.

“In working with companies, the NABP has most likely come across applicants that were overlooking their obligations under VAWD. Instead of working to abide by VAWD standards, they purposely wait for the NABP to get back to them in a continuing back-and-forth cycle. By beginning to cancel applications, VAWD is sending a message, loud and clear: follow our standards or simply be removed from the process.”

More information as it breaks!

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